Tour Details

Q: How long is the tour?

90 minutes

(less than 1 mile

round-trip of actual walking)

Q:What days are tours offered?

Tours vary throughout the year depending on season, weather, and time of year. CHECK OUR CALENDAR!


Q:Are there different tours?

The daytime tours (Boerne by Day) go a little deeper into the history and heritage, while evening tours (Boerne by Dark) offer additional hauntings and legends.


75% of the day and evening tours are the same, and both cover the items listed in the "Tour Description Box".


Q:How come I don't see tours listed on the calendar?
If a tour is already filled or not available for that day, it will
not appear on the calendar. 
Q:Do you ever offer tours
by appointment?

If you are in town for just

a short period and really want to take a tour but do not see a time listed for when you are here, shoot us an email with your "hoped for" time and let's see what we can do! If we have a guide on hand, we will often do a tour off-schedule, if possible. 

If you have a question
for our office, please send
an email to:







A few of things that both Boerne by Day and Boerne After Dark cover:

  • Our Town Namesake

  • Our County Namesake

  • Founding Families

  • Early Industries

  • Influence of Technology

  • Boerne Through the Years

  • Architecture

  • Building Dates and Uses

  • German Influence

  • European Heritage & Culture

  • Hardships & Triumphs

  • Early Family Stories

  • Our Past & Our Future

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Beginning with German immigrants who first settled this land in 1849, Boerne's European beginnings are still evident in the old stone buildings with narrow windows and steep gables. 


Today, more than 140 historic structures remain and many of these historic jewels are proudly displayed along Main Street, where many have been painstakingly restored to their architectural glory and now house restaurants, boutiques, galleries, bakeries, antique stores, office space, and more. 


Our history is rich with the stories of the people and the industries upon which our town is built, and we invite you to walk with us in the footsteps of our ancestors and imagine Boerne beginning 150 years ago, and up through today.

Our company was founded in order for the stories of our past to carry into the future with the next generation. Whether you are just visiting and want to know more about the area or you are a new resident who would like to know more about your new home, we look forward to showing you around our town.


We hope to see you soon!

ADULTS $19.95

CHILD 6-16 $9.95

Under 6- Free